David's Teaching Experience

David is a skilled and inspiring teacher. He formerly taught evening photography courses at Orange County's Learning Tree University and at How Original, A Laguna Beach Art Gallery. Since those venues closed operation, he has been offering classes at Framing Artistry, a professional frame shop in Mission Viejo.

A number of David's former students have begun their own paths to become professional photographers. Several have had public exhibitions of their work in galleries and other retail outlets. Others are actively offering their work for sale in weekend art shows. One highly motivated photographer is doing serious portrait work.

Courses Overview

David periodically offers a range of courses in photography, from learning the basics through classes focused on intermediate and advanced techniques. While he addresses the mechanics of camera, film and digital technology, most sessions are concerned with photographic aesthetics how to see and how to capture strong images.

All of David's courses are limited to eight or fewer students so each participant has the opportunity for personal attention. Class sessions are usually structured around a lecture using examples of David's own images, interspersed with Q&A as appropriate. Each week he gives an assignment appropriate to the students skill and interest levels. At the subsequent class, David reviews each individuals assigned work in a positive critique.

Most classes are scheduled as six weekly sessions. A typical course involves five evening sessions, one per week, and one weekend field session at an Orange County location selected by the group. The evening sessions, scheduled for two hours, often run over whenever the group or individuals have ongoing interest and questions.

A special class, Turning Pro is offered less frequently. It is structured for experienced individuals who want to explore what it takes to become a part- or full-time professional photographer.

Design Your Own Class or Workshop

Alternatively, if you and a small group of like-minded friends would like to explore ways to better your photography, David will create a custom course based on your levels of experience and individual needs. Mixed skill levels are usually not a problem.

Registration Information

To sign up or request more information, please contact David by calling (949) 533-0036, or emailing him.