In November of 2012, David made an extraordinary photographic trip to Australia, in part to view the total eclipse of the sun on November 14 near Cairns, Queensland. Knowing that Australia covers nearly as much area as the lower 48 states of the U.S.A., this visit down-under needed to be limited to the eastern regions of "Oz."

In addition to visits to Melbourne and Sydney, exploration of the outback was an important segment of this trip. Besides witnessing (and, of course, photographing) the solar eclipse, a special opportunity came in a segment of the trip when David was able to visit Siding Spring Observatory, Australia's largest astronomical installation. This visit came in the company of U.S. astronomer, Bob Berman. Berman, author of multiple books on astronomy, is a regular columnist for Astronomy Magazine and hosts a weekly astronomy program on Northeast Public Radio.

Besides seeing the largest 'scope in Australia, the Anglo-Australian Telescope (3.9 meters > 150 inches), a highlight at Siding Spring was meeting Robert McNaught, the man who has discovered more comets than any person in all human history. Despite losses of several structures and damage to the Visitor's Center, the later bush fires of January 2013 caused only minor damage to the Siding Spring telescopes. All were reported as back in action by February.

Other special events of this trip were exploration of the Sydney environs and the southeastern New South Wales coast and "bush" with Australian photographic and musical friend, Marjorie Hystek. It was she who "introduced" him to (among many other things) a mother kangaroo and joey in the Deua River basin. See "New Work" for some of these images and more.

Other special photo excursions that David made in the last year include serious work in the central California coast, Joshua Tree National Park, upstate New York and Vermont, as well as many local outings in southern and central California.

New Work

Click on the "New Work" tab to view some of David's latest images, including those of the Australian eclipse and other areas mentioned above.

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